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120 day warranty, if your tv falls, we pay for it

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Modernize your home today

Tv mounting is a fast and affordable way to enhance your home’s look while saving space. Plus, it enhances your home theater experience for those days you just want to kick back and relax with a movie or tv show. Best of all, it is something that the whole family will enjoy.

Upgrade your entertainment center

Enhance your home theater experience and impress your guests with LED lights, floating shelves, and more.

Sound bar installation

Get premium audio in your home theater with a wall mounted sound bar and/or surround sound.

L.E.D lights installation

Impress your guests programmable lights behind the TV that change colors.

Floating shelf installation

Save space and modernize your home with a floating media console for all your devices.

Cable concealment

Hide your TV’s cables inside the wall so that they’re just not hanging around in plain sight.

Don't do it yourself...
leave it to the pros

 We specialize in providing top-notch installations that enhance your home entertainment experience. Trust our experienced technicians for expert TV mounting.

  • Expert Technicians: Our team of experts is trained by us to handle various types of TVs and mounting setups, ensuring a precise and flawless installation. We are not a contractor referral service.
  • Customized Solutions: We offer tailored mounting options to fit your specific preferences and room layout, ensuring the perfect setup.
  • Same-Day Service: Experience quick and efficient TV mounting with our reliable same-day service, minimizing any disruption to your schedule.
  • Fast online quotes and bookings: You don’t having to waste time making numerous calls, get an online quote instantly and book your appointment from your computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are committed to your satisfaction and offer a warranty on our TV mounting services, providing peace of mind.

Always safe, always secured

 Our tv installations are always safely mounted to one or two studs behind the wall, which are the wood or metal beams that are attached to the floor and hold up the wall, not the drywall itself, which is fragile. We’ll even mount the tv to concrete walls, fireplaces, and more which reduces the  chances of an accident to almost zero.

In case of an accident, there is a 120 day warranty with every installation in which if an accident occurs, we cover the damages and the tv. In case you need proof of insurance, we can provide to you or your building,

"If your TV falls and breaks on site, we'll pay for it,."

Affordable payment plans available

Want to enjoy your new TV without breaking the bank? Our six-week interest-free payment plans make it easy to pay for your TV mounting in manageable installments.

Four interest-free installments in over 6 weeks

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See our TV mounting projects

See our TV mounting projects, each customized to fit each customer’s needs an spacing.

Professional TV wall mounts delivered

Not sure what type of tv bracket you need? No problem our professionals will guide you on your consultation call so that you can understand the different types of mounts and which one fits your needs and your TV better. We’ll deliver the mount to you on the day of the appointment.

See our local inventory

Fixed tv mounts, tilt tv mounts, swivel mounts, and full-motion tv wall mounts available

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Frequently asked questions

No, a licensed electrician is needed for that. If you have a power outlet behind the tv, we can run the power to it. If not, we will make a 2-inch hole behind the TV and below, next to a power outlet in order to to have the power cord run behind the wall and come out right next to the power outlet as pictured below.

Not if you purchase a complete TV installation package or a tv wire concealment service.

Two 2-inch holes are made (on drywall only) to run the cables from the tv to the nearest power outlet. The holes are covered with grommets as pictured below.

If the cables cannot go behind the wall, they are ran down over the wall and covered with a white plastic that can be painted the same color as the wall.

We offer TV  installations in all of Miami-Dade and parts of Broward

You can but you don’t have to. You can purchase a wall mount from us for your own convenience and our installer will take it to you the day of the installation. 

Our professional installers have all the experience necessary to prevent any damage as much as possible. In the unforeseen case of an accident, our insurance will cover any damages.

Yes there are, but they are limited, book your appointment ASAP before availability runs out.


Simply click on the button on the bottom of the page to make an appointment.

The cost depends on the size of the tv, the amount of tvs, the mount, and what other services you want to add.

Professional TV  Mounting Service

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